Supports option to include form submitter IP address as part of form response email.
Form delivery email SMTP authentication option, provides users with the option of sending web form responses via authenticated SMTP servers.
Image reflection special effects
Hover color support for shapes and text
Multi-form upload feature. Allows multiple forms to be published at once, also provides optional image uploading. Turn image uploading off to publish quick refreshes to the form.
Form source code viewer. The form code is generated in php script.
Customizable form file extensions. Default form extension is "php", this feature provides options for renaming this extenion to allow the app to generate file names with manually specified extensions.
Form submissions sent to email address designated as form answer recipient. Options for specifying primary and secondary email addresses. Secondary address is optional but is recommended to provide backup.
Smart bot-checker widget, designed to reduce spamming by presenting a simple dynamically generated math question. When added to form design, requests form filler to complete widget question before submitting form.
Multiple choice radio buttons and multi-selection checkboxes
Drag and drop designer. Creates unlimited number of web forms.
Publish via FTP to your own website. Also provides secondary feature for exporting form to PDF document format.
Multi-form management browser, allows easy at-a-glance view of all form designs. Built-in search function allows quick seach through form collection by form title and form file name.
Text fields and paragraph fields, with option for specifying individual fields as "mandatory completion"
Email fields with built-in email address format verifications
Field style formatting with rounded corners, adjustable border colors, border width and different border styling options
Support for table grids
Multiple "Insert Display Options". Choose the default "Insert at current view" option to add new objects directly into the current canvas view. Choose "Append sequentially" to add new objects directly to the "end" of the canvas content.
Upload and link to documents such as PDF, Word and media files.
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