Getting Started with Touch Forms
This App is a form designer allowing users to easily create contact forms, feedback forms, questionnaires and surveys. The editor uses these touch gestures:

Single tap - select/deselect objects
Double tap - launches keyboard (only applies to text box)
Press and hold - activates object menu for delete and pin (lock object
position). When applied to a multiple choice or check box, also activates
object menu for adding new option.
Double tap on background - deselects all currently selected objects
Pinch - re-size images and text box
Pan - moves to other parts of the page
Pan on re-size bar - re-size text box

Video tutorials for how to use basic features can be found at

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at

Getting Started Questions

How do I publish my form online?
In order to publish your form online, you will need to enter FTP settings provided by your web host provider into the App. This is usually the same FTP account you use for your website. If you need help looking for a new web host, you will be able to find a list of paid as well as paid providers at

If I do not want to publish my form online, how can I share it?
You may also share the form through email by exporting a copy of the form into PDF format.

Can I change the font color and style of the text to be entered by the form user?

Yes, to specify a font color for the text field or paragraph box, please select these objects and choose a font style similar to how styles are applied to labels. To test the changes, please publish and complete the form online.

Do I need your permission to use the Touch Forms link?

No, we welcome any web form created using Touch Forms to display the "Powered by Touch Forms for iOS" link. The form designer may choose a font style and color that blends best with the rest of the website theme. This link is optional. For web forms that wish to be included in our form showcase gallery, this link is required.

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