How do I make a backup of this App's data?
Perform a sync to Dropbox is the easiest option to keep your form data the same across all your devices. When you need to transfer form data from one device to another, simply sync on the original device, and then sync again on the new device.

The iTunes zip file backup is considered the most reliable and most complete Touch Forms backup. This option works even when you do not have internet connection, but you will need access to a computer with iTunes.

1. Launch Touch Forms
2. Tap in the Info button on the home launch screen (i)
3. Scroll to the "Backup and Restore" section and tap on "Backup All Data"

To prevent data loss in the event of a device restore, when a backup is generated, it should be transferred to an authorized computer
through iTunes File Transfer (this is a manual process), please see Then after a device or App restore,
this backup can be transferred back into the device through iTunes.

You may also backup a single form through email, this option is simple and quick, especially handy when you need to send a copy of the form to a teammate for editing.

1. Open the form you wish to backup
2. Tap on the "Publish" button and choose "Email Document"
3. Send a copy of the form to yourself (or if you wish, you may share this form with any other iOS device through email as well)

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