My form submissions are sometimes delivered to my spam instead of the incoming mail folder? How do I prevent this?
If you find your form responses are mistakenly being filtered to the spam folder, you can adjust the mail settings in your mail client to correct this.

Depending on the specific type of mail client you use, these settings may vary. The following offers a few different options that should work with most popular mail clients:

- Creating a filter so the messages are never sent to spam. Most of our users like to filter on the form response subject and tell the mail client to send all mails with such a subject to the Inbox.

- Create a new mail folder just for the form responses. You may use the filtering rules to forward all responses to this new folder, this is a smart way to ensure you can quickly access all responses at once without needing to go through other regular mail messages.

- Open the response message that has been mislabeled spam and mark it as "Not Spam". This option varies per mail client, most clients will have a similar button / command.