How do I link to the published form from HTML Egg?
HTML Egg is a web page creation App compatible with iOS, Mac and Android. You may use HTML Egg together with Touch Forms when designing your website.

A link to your published web form created by Touch Forms can be applied to your web page in HTML Egg similar to how a regular external link can be applied. (Please press and hold on the text or photo you wish to apply the link to, then choose "Hyperlink")

1. Publish form in Touch Forms
2. After upload is complete, tap on "Copy Link"
3. Open web page in HTML Egg, add hyper link and paste in link copied in step 2

Please note the "Website Base URL" field must be completed in order for Touch Forms to automatically generate a link to the published web form. For most websites, the "Website Base URL" is the same as your domain name address starting with http:// (i.e.

For details on how to apply links in the HTML Egg app, please see