How do I backup Touch Forms data to iCloud?
To prevent accidentally data loss, we encourage Touch Forms users to make scheduled data backups.

Backing up and restoring is very simple in Touch Forms, you have multiple options:
- backup all data into a zip file through iTunes File Sharing
- backup an individual form through email (super quick and easy!)
- backup automatically through iCloud

You will be able to locate the iCloud settings for this App with these steps:

1. On the device, open Settings and select "iCloud"
2. Select "Storage & Backup"
3. Select "Manage Storage"
4. Under the first section, "Backups", select your device
5. Under "Backup Options," please make sure the switch next to "Touch Forms" is set to ON (blue). If you do not see "Touch Forms" in the initial list, tap on "Show All Apps"

The following official links provide helpful detailed information on iCloud backup and restore: