How are the form elements ordered on the response email?
Touch Forms Pro for Mac:
There are currently two options for ordering form results:

- By Object Layout Positions. This option arranges the results by the “vertical” position of the form objects. This option is the default mode and is ideal for form designs that fall into a “single column”.

- Chronologically. This option arranges the form results by the order objects are added to the form. This option should be used for “multi-column” form designs.

Form ordering selections are accessible from Settings > Form Delivery Settings > Email Results Display Order

Touch Forms for iOS
Currently, the response email (the results delivered after a user submits the form) is always ordered based on the order the objects are initially added into the web form. This sequence is not based on the page layout positions. If the labels have been shifted after the initial placement, they will not match up in the response email.

If you manually shifted the form element labels away from the respective form element, this may cause the completed answers to not show directly under the respective form label. Please note the completed answers are still included as part of the email.

To re-arrange the layout of the response email, the objects will need to removed and then re-added into the web form in the same order as desired to be shown on the result email.

**Future enhancement: Works are underway to align the order form elements appear in the response email with the form layouts on the canvas.